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If you are a "Newbee" or a "Seasoned Netizen"
we have something for both of you.

The Internet was originally designed for Information. But with so many Netizens trying to "Get Rich" they have caused Great Confusion. Let's get back to the Basics. It is my intention to provide as much Free Information as possible because:

    So many Newbees are coming into the Net everyday.
    You need utilities, tools and information .
    You need help.
    You need to take advantage of the power of the internet.
    • Free Long Distance. (Anywhere in the world)
    • Information Forums.
    • Market your products.
    • Make $$$.
    All you need is a "Helping Hand" to point you in the right direction.
    Most Important Of All "We want to build trust in us".

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We Want "You" To Get To Know "Us"
As "We" Get To Know "You"
Want to know why? For The Answer
Please Read "Our Goal"

When you go to the Information Page check out these Web Sites:

    Warriors (Native American)
    Las Vegas
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    Helping Hands Training Center
    Life Force International

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Surf , Have Fun and Start Your Journey To Knowledge.

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